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Christina Joy

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christina joy. new yorker. student. christian. reader. writer. music lover. disney world obsessed. dreamer. soprano. artista. movie watcher. hopeless romantic. believer. extremely girly.

Blair Waldorf is my BFF
I am the Sutton Foster of lj
I am the Leia Organa of lj
I was stamped as Tokyo Disney
iam_disneys Minnie Mouse of Who Framed Roger Rabbit!

"christina is like julie andrews, lily van der woodsen and katherine hepburn combined. she's just so awesome and lovely." - iamlillykane

three's company. gossip girl. pushing daisies. kristin. privileged. i love lucy. the brady bunch. private practice. grey's anatomy. ugly betty. secret life of the american teenager. friends. full house. ghost whisperer. the west wing. fringe. lie to me. father knows best && many others


an affair to remember. the sound of music. disney's alice in wonderland. disney's peter pan. a walk to remember. the mummy. the mummy returns. the devil wears prada. mamma mia. mary poppins. ratatouille. star wars saga. pirates of the caribbean trilogy. fanboys. && many others
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monica gellar. rachel green. leia organa. lily van der woodsen. blair waldorf. han solo. glinda upland. yoda. && many others


rufus/lily (gossip girl). blair/chuck (gossip girl). serena/nate (gossip girl). kristin/tommy (kristin). monica/chandler (f.r.i.e.n.d.s.). jim/margaret (father knows best). daniel/amanda (ugly betty). leo/annabeth (the west wing). monica/chandler (friends). olive/alfredo (pushing daisies) ned/chuck (pushing daisies). han/leia (star wars) && many others
jenna is the blake lively to my kelly rutherford
lydia is the luke skywalker to my leia organa
laurie is the addison to my callie
hope is the hermes to my trike

whooo areee youuu?
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